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Pannon Fine Food Ltd. (HU-1182 EK) is a 100% Hungarian firm. The owners are major players of the Hungarian poultry industry, having several decades of expertise in the fields of the management of goose and duck livestocks, processing and distribution of end products (foie gras and meat).

Our main activity is the primary processing of fatty geese and ducks, which we do in the department of Békés, a southern region of the country where force-feeding has long traditions. Our processing plant in Orosháza is one of the elders in our country, and was founded in 1896 by the Bernardinelli, an Italian family.

The quality of our products mostly rely on the work of our producers: they are providing us with a raw material of quality thanks to the highest standards in animal welfare aspects. We process the meat and the foie gras with the latest technology, thus meeting the market’s expectations.

As an old yet still new member in the fatty waterflow industry, our goal for the future is to increase our presence on the market, whishing to acquire a stable position throughout dedicated work and a variety of quality products.

Pannon Fine Food


We are certified for the following:


Hízott libamell (csont nélkül bőrrel) skin tálcán
Hízott libamáj tálcán
Hízott kacsa comb és mell (csont nélkül bőrrel) arany-ezüst vákuum csomagolásban
Hízott kacsamáj arany-ezüst vákuum csomagolásban


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Petra Kun

Sales manager
Tel.: +36 20 400 98 38
Email: petra.kun@pffkft.hu

Orsolya Avar

Export manager
Tel.: +36 30 650 87 64
Email: orsolya.avar@pffkft.hu

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